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Escrow Services, Inc.

Teresa Bertagnolli
525 Randall Ave Ste 5
Cheyenne, WY  82001
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Ken Sherman
525 Randall Ave Ste 5
Cheyenne, WY  82001
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Thank you 
for considering Markee Escrow Services, Inc.
We are convinced the only way to earn your business is to provide outstanding service, high standards, and an array of quality escrow services. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is looking forward to fulfilling all of your Real Estate Escrow needs.



Fee Schedule
(Effective 7-1-21)

Initial Setup Fees

New Contracts  
Up to $150,000 $300
$150,001-$250,000 $350
Over $250,000 Quoted
Transfer Fee $75
Markee Closings (Title Property Only) $150


Disbursement Fees

Monthly $11
Quarterly $20
Semi-Annually $40
Annual (or one-time) $75


Other Fees

Property Tax and/or Insurance Payments ( $7.50/mo ) $90
Payoff Fee (1st Request) $75
Payoff Fee (Each Additional Requests) $25
Courier Fee $30
Deed Release (per deed) $25
Amortization Schedule $15
Return Check Charge $150
Amendment or change in terms $100
Verification Fee $35
Payment History Fee $15
Contract Default Fees $100 Plus Attorney's Fees
Inactive Accounts (12 months or more) $75
Payment Receipts $5
Research Fee $45 Minimum
Online Access No Charge

Additional fees may be assessed for services not included in fee schedule. All fees are subject to change and all parties are jointly and severally responsible.


Release of information
Information on escrow files will be released to parties outside the escrow agreement upon written authorization from one of the parties to the escrow.

Please provide written authorization on all address and name changes

Escrow policy
After receipt and review of the escrow documents, an introductory letter will be mailed to all parties confirming first payment date and payment amount.

Special Features
We offer the following at no additional charge:

  • Electronic Credits
  • Electronic Debits
  • Online Access

  • Checks/Payment Processing
    Escrow payments may be made by cashier's check, money order, bank wire or ACH at Markee Escrow Services, Inc. office location. All checks for payment  of an escrow should be made payable to Markee Escrow  Services, Inc. Only checks drawn by the payer of the escrow will be accepted for immediate credit. All two-party checks will be subject to collection before application  to the escrow.


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